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Battery SIP 12V/5.5Ah, 12N5,5-3B
for Vespa PK50XL FL/?N Plurimatic/?P80X-PX80E-Lusso (D)/?P125-150X-P200E-PX125-200E/?Lusso (e), mit Batterie
for Lambretta 125 LI 3°/?LIS/?DL/?GP/?150 LI 3°/?LIS/?SX/?DL/?GP/?175 TV 3°/?200 TV/?SX/?DL/?GP
120x60x130 mm
microvlies battery, maintenance free, sealed, pre-charged
In addition to the standard batteries that come with a separate acid filling, we are now able to offer you our new SIP power batteries for Vintage Vespas. Manufactured according to the latest technologies, our new battery series is maintenance-free, leak proof, pre-charged and ready to mount. For your security, the acid is bound in special glass fibre mats while the battery is sealed leak proof: no more acid filling necessary! The casing comes in black which lends the battery a vintage look. Put short, this battery combines classic looks with modern manufacturing methods to result in a high-quality product.

The 12V/ 5.5Ah battery is a little lighter and 18mm narrower in width thanks to modern manufacturing methods. Of course, the battery offers the same ampere-hour performance as well as long durability.

Of course the 12V/ 9Ah has all of the advantages mentioned above. It is also suitable for all models that usually run on a 12V/7amp battery. E.g.: Vespa PK XL 2 or PIAGGIO SKR. They are included in the model-list as ‘non standard’. The increased starting performance allows the starter to revolve faster. The engine starts better.
SIP-TIP: Don’t forget to order a new battery strap with your battery because old straps are often porose and lack elasticity. Make sure to fully charge the battery before mounting it. Remember to disassemble the battery if you are not operating your scooter for a longer period of time. Avoid frosty conditions.

'WORLD OF BIKE' August 2012 :

The SIP Power Batteries are in keeping with the times. Virtually maintenance free, spill-proof and they are also delivered pre-charged. Compared to the more traditional acidic battery models the SIP ready-to-use items offer an improved safety and a considerably increased and also guaranteed voltage available over a longer period.


The crossed out rubbish bin on the battery means that batteries may not be disposed of in household waste. They may contain harmful substances that could damage the environment and health. Please hand used batteries to municipal recycling centres. All batteries will be reused. This allows us to recover valuable raw materials and simultaneously protect the environment and health.

OEM numbers (for comparisons): 090113 (SIMSON) 217153 - 164127 (PIAGGIO) 19981030 (INNOCENTI) Yuasa YB5L-B / 12N5-3B, JM YB5L-B / 12N5-3B, JMT YB5L-B / 12N5-3B, Varta 50512, FB FB5L-B, GS GM5Z-3B / CB5L-B, Fiamm 6L2P, Exide EB5L-B, Intact CB5L-B, Nitro CB5L-B, Shin Yo CB5L-B, Panther CB5L-B, 50611 ((replace of same dimension))

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